In a different dimension, a better score

November 18 2007 03:52PM

An alternate reality

Written by Matthew "Hotdog" Eaton

The passing from last night was so bad I won't even bother blaming the called-up defencemen; they'd probably miss those passes too. How can you even get up the courage to cheer on an Oilers drive when you see the puck sailing past a forward who’s pumping like mad to catch it?

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Ensign Stortini

November 18 2007 01:29PM

You know the guy in the war movie who gets shot early on and takes two scenes to die? Kind of like the Star Trek extra wearing the red shirt—he means well, and everyone’s sad when he goes (well, sort of), but you know when you see him at the start of the show that he won't be around at the end.

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Oil vs. Flames: Post-lame comment

November 18 2007 12:06PM

It’s not that we need the Oilers to win every game. We'd like them to be competitive when they're playing the Flames, especially if the Flames are last in the league.

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Put me in, coach

November 17 2007 03:04PM

Written by Matthew Eaton

It's going to be Draft-a-Fan night for the Oilers. Everybody going to the game is going to bring their skates and a stick. Then, the moment we get another injury MacT is going to turn around and yell out a seat number.

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Clash of the Titans

November 17 2007 02:48PM

Oh Snap!

Well, lambs, it’s game time. The 2004 and 2006 Stanley Cup finalists (currently ranked ranked 30th and 29th in the league, respectively) are squaring off in the battle for 28th spot. Or, as we like to call it, the Battle of Alberta.

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